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The Pop-Up Pee Pad from Rocky & Maggie Pet Products is the first and only pet training pad for male dogs. It's so unique, it's patented!

Each pad has a pre-attached, 3-D target with 5 layers of absorbency and an attractant. The base pad also has five layers of protection for your floor, is 22" x 23.5" and can absorb more than 32 ounces of liquid.

Pet owners have struggled to keep their dog from peeing in the house. Traditional pads don’t provide a target for male dogs, and the results are soiled furniture and messy clean-ups. It’s easy to use and best of all, it works!

- The 8.5" tall, 3D hydrant-shaped target is pre-attached, automatically deploys and folds for easy setup and disposal

- Multi-layer absorbent target and base

- Built-in attractant

- Base pad is 22" x 23.5" and has a leak-proof backing

- Available in 10 Pads/box

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