Shelter & Rescue Resources

Glad Dogs Nation and Glad Dogs Foundation support the hard work and commitment of animal shelters and rescues. There are a few ways you can request assistance from us.

Request FREE Toys

We offer shelters and rescues unlimited toys to provide gladness to the dogs in your care. Simply complete this form and we will ship toys to you. These toys are a combination of donated dog toys that we sanitize and lightweight toys that are sewn by scout troops, kids, and other groups. They may not be the cutest or longest-wearing in our collection but we know the dogs will love them!
Complete this form to request toys for your group.


Request Donations of Food

Frequently we receive donated food that can be offered to shelters and rescues. If you are a 501c3 non-profit, simply complete this form to receive future donations.

Create a Glad Dogs Nation Wish List

wish list
We are offering an easy way for our customers to donate dog and cat toys, antlers, leashes, and anything else on to dogs in your care.
Enter your needs here and we will post your wish list. 

Create a Fundraiser with

websiteWe create a tracking code for your friends and adopters to use when they order from They simply put it in as the coupon code and 20% of the merchandise total is donated back to your shelter or rescue
All you need to do is promote the fundraiser on your website, in emails you send, and through social media. We can also create a printable coupon to include it in your adoption packets. To get started, email