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Catch-a-Poo is a lightweight, portable device that catches dog poo before it hits the ground. Works for any size dog! Brilliant!

The Catch-A-Poo eliminates the need to bend over and pick up dog poo using your hand. Plus, it captures 100% of the poo, which is virtually impossible to do when you use other methods. The Catch-A-Poo extends from 19" to about 34" keeping your shoes safe from stepping in poo.

It can fit multiple size bags. The bag attaches easily and quickly to the device and it's even easier to take off. In addition, a flashlight is included and attaches to the handle for night time use. There is also a built in waist band clip for long walks.

Each Catch-A-Poo comes with a quality LED flashlight and 15 biodegradable bags. Biodegradable refill bags are also available.

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