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Houdini Lever Corkscrew Set

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Removing the cork from a wine bottle in three seconds, the Houdini Corkscrew is truly a magical invention from Metrokane. Designed after the popular Rabbit Corkscrew, the Houdini Corkscrew utilizes the same lever-operated screw mechanism in a lightweight construction and at a lighter price. One lever inserts the screw into the cork and then removes it from the bottle. The curved, ergonomic shape of the ‘rabbit-ear’ handles won’t cause strain to hands even when opening dozens of bottles. The Metrokane Houdini Corkscrew comes packaged in a Lucite storage case and includes a foil cutter. Add the Houdini Corkscrew to any home bar and guests will suspect the bartender opening wine bottles in 3 seconds has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Retails for $29.95