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In 2022, HuggleCause™ is going to the dogs, and that's something to get excited about! Not by coincidence, this Limited Edition toy coincides with the massive destruction wrought in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria in 2017. We can't imagine a more fitting organization to support than The Sato Project which is an organization that is dedicated to rescuing abused & abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico.

There are currently an estimated 500,000 stray dogs roaming the island’s streets and beaches. With no access to food, fresh water, or veterinary care, many of these dogs live daily lives of severe suffering. The municipal shelter system is overwhelmed, with only five shelters across all 78 of the island’s municipalities. These shelters have a combined euthanasia rate of over 94%.

For thousands of stray and abandoned dogs across Puerto Rico, The Sato Project is their only hope. The Sato Project team fights so the dogs of Puerto Rico don’t have to.

Small Toy measures 9" Tall x 5" Wide x 3" Deep.

Backed by the HuggleHeart Promise.

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