KONG Cat Confetti Feathery Cat Toy with Bell

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Watch your kitty cat fulfill the instinctual desires to chase and pounce with KONG’s Cat Confetti cat toy. This glittery ball has a tail made up of curly ribbons, feathers and a bell to keep your cat completely enthralled. You can roll it across the floor and watch as your furbaby chases it or you can hold it above her head and watch her bunny kick at the ribbons and feathers. However your pal purr-fers to play with the new toy, it’s bound to provide hours of continuous fun and excitement!

  • Versatile toy has different features to keep your cat entertained for hours.
  • The glittery ball great for a game of chase, plus it’s textured for an easy grip
  • Feathery tail and bell offer a soft texture and a surprising sound to peak your cat’s interest.
  • The curled ribbon that falls between the fur is designed to encourage your pal’s natural hunting instincts.
  • Safe for cats of all ages and great for solo play or for bonding time between you and your kitty.

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