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Wish List: Naturally Shed Deer Antler Chews for Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne's County

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Wild deer shed and regrow new antlers every year. Ours are collected from the great American wild, sectioned into a variety of sizes, cleaned and polished, and packaged for your dogs to enjoy.

They provide hours and hours of chewing satisfaction and are packed with natural nutrients. They don't splinter or smell and they last and last and last.

Here's a tip! If your dogs grow tired of their antlers, heat up some beef broth. Remove the broth from heat and put your antlers in to soak for a few hours. Let dry and give to your dogs. They will greet them like they're brand new!

Because these antlers are a product of nature, no 2 are alike. Harvested and processed in the USA.

Small Deer Antlers are ideal for dogs 10-20 lbs.
Medium Deer Antlers are ideal for dogs 20-40 lbs.