Extra Large FLAT 'N TUFF Dog Toy with NO STUFFING

Squeaker: Yes
Stitched Closed or Applique Eyes: Applique Eyes
Sale price$13.00


None of the stuffing, all of the fun!

If you really want NO STUFFING at all in your dog toy, Flat 'n Tuff toys are the answer. These hefty dog toys are stripped of all stuffing and handstitched up tight. The hide is thick enough to handle rough and tough play. These pet toys are sure to make an appearance at your dog's next tug of war or chewing chow down.

We are now offering XL Flat 'n Tuff dog toys without glued-on appliques! Instead, we stitch closed the eye holes or use toys with embroidered eyes so there is nothing for your dog to rip off.

Flat 'n Tuff dog toys are available with and without squeakers.

To learn more about how we handcraft our toys, see About Our Toys.

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