Glad Dogs Nation

Volunteer Sewing Kit: Starter for Dogs

Glad Dogs Foundation



Want to become a Glad Dogs Nation sewing volunteer? We would love to have you!

If you want to get started, we will send a box of 4-6 trial toys that are easy to sew. The squeakers will already be inserted for you. We'll include needles and craft thread as well as a small completed toy to show you the stitch to use. And we will send you a link to a video to show you more.

When you are finished, we will send you a mailing label to ship the toys back to us. You can keep the sample toy as a thank you!

If you decide you enjoy sewing the toys, we will send you a larger box. 

But first things first. If you want to try sewing for us, just purchase this "product". It's a tax deductible donation of $15 which will go to Glad Dogs Foundation. (You will receive a confirmation letter for tax purposes.)