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LARGE FLAT 'N TUFF Dog Toy with NO STUFFING / Great for Chewers

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None of the stuffing, all of the fun!

If you really want NO STUFFING at all in your dog toy, our Flat 'n Tuff line are the answer. These thick and hefty pet toys can satisfy a tough chewer. We strip them of all stuffing and sew them up tight. 





We are now offering Large Flat 'n Tuff dog toys without glued-on appliques where the eyes used to be! Instead, we stitch closed the eye holes so there is nothing for your dog to rip off.

Large dog toys are perfect for dogs 50-80 lbs. Designs and characters vary. Looking for something in particular? Email us and we'll try to find it for you.

To learn more about how we handcraft our toys, see About Our Toys.