Help create a Glad Dogs Nation!

Gald Dogs Nation founder, Marianne Ahern, with Boy Scout Pack 122 in West Chester PAScout Troops,
Elementary & Middle Schools

You can support our efforts by hosting Stuffed Toy Drives. We can provide you with signage, if desired, but we encourage the kids to have fun and create their own. Initiative leaders will receive a Certificate of Glad Dogs Accomplishment and recognition on our website and Facebook page.

A Glad Dogs Nation representative can kick off the drive by speaking to the kids on a variety of topics:

  • The proper way to introduce yourself to a dog
  • What dogs try to tell us – and why we don’t hear them
  • Things you should never, ever feed to a dog
  • The importance of animal rescue

If you would like to host a drive, email


High School Community Service & Fundraising Clubs

You can support our efforts in a variety of ways:

• Selling Glad Dogs Nation toys in a variety of ways
• Helping to upcycle the toys to make them pet friendly

To get started, email






Families can do it all – start to finish! You can use the stuffed toys your kids have outgrown and upcycle them into dog-friendly toys. We have videos to show you how to do it and we’ll provide a list of things to purchase to get the job done.

Your kids will receive Certificates of Glad Dogs Accomplishment and the whole family will be recognized on our website and Facebook page.

To get started, email​​




Quilting, Sewing and Craft Groups

You can support our efforts by helping us upcycle the stuffed toys we receive as donations. We cut out the hard plastic eyes and glue appliques over the holes using non-toxic glue. We cut out hard noses and glue a pompom in the spot. And we cut open the bellies, insert a squeaker inside and stitch the bodies back up.

If you want to dedicate one of your sessions to helping Glad Dogs Nation, we will supply everything you need – glue guns, glue, appliques, thread, needles and more. All you have to bring is your creativity. Everyone who participates will receive a $5 coupon for a Glad Dogs Nation purchase and recognition on our website and Facebook page.

​To get started, email



Animal Shelters

When your shelter hosts a Stuffed Toy Drive, Glad Dogs Foundation will donate for every toy gathered and delivered to us. This adds up quickly because people tend to drop of trash bags full of stuffed toys. We only ask that the funds be earmarked for spay/neuter programs.

We provide a drop box, flyers, and postcards. You can promote the drive in your newsletter and on your website and Glad Dogs Nation will promote the drive using Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and our website.

To get started, email




Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, community groups, libraries, and places of worship can fulfill their outreach missions by hosting a sewing party in their local communities.

We provide the toys and supplies. You can promote the event in your newsletter and on your website and Glad Dogs Nation will promote your organization using Facebook, Twitter and our website.

To start your own event, email



If we reduce our operating costs, we can increase the profits we have to combat pet overpopulation. Many of the things we use to create toys and pet beds can be found on our Amazon Wish List. You can support us by purchasing these items for us.