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Who says learning can't be fun? With the Dog Tornado Plastic Interactive Dog Toy, you can stimulate your pup's brain and have a blast at the same time! The unique and interactive toy has four layers of rotating discs. In three of those layers, there are compartments where treats can be hidden. Your pup has to learn to rotate the different layers in different directions with his nose or paw to find the hidden goodies. Increase the degree of difficulty by placing the white plastic blocks in some of the compartments. Your dog will love the reward of a job well done, and you'll love watching him or her put on the ole' doggy thinking cap!

  • 4 layers of rotating discs provide mental stimulation to keep your pet happy and healthy.
  • Difficulty level 2 makes this game challenging for your pup, so he may not get it on the first try.
  • Hide treats or kibble in different sections of the puzzle or under the bone blocks to further increase difficulty.
  • Enhances your relationship with your dog by rewarding him with the treats or kibble he loves.
  • Suitable for dogs of any age or size, so you can have a blast with any pup.

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