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The amazing Zach Hartman of Zach's Planet Project is at it again! He was featured by his school for his efforts to organize and run a stitch event using Glad Dogs Nation stitch kits. The kids are having a ball!

Chestnut Hill Local profiled Glad Dogs in September, 2017.

Former Mt. Airy resident Marianne Ahern has come up with a creative way to raise money for spay and neuter programs at animal shelters by turning used stuffed animals into squeaker toys for your furry friends.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer profiled Glad Dogs Nation on December 15, 2013.

Dexter, a purebred Australian cattle dog, gnawed on a stuffed animal until he found the sweet spot that made the toy squeak.

"They love that squeaker," Marianne Ahern said this month as Dexter and two other four-legged creatures played with the squeaky item at her half-acre house near Langhorne, Bucks County.

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Philadelphia's KYW News Radio1060 interviewed Marianne Ahern about Glad Dogs Nation. 

Angry with the over population of unwanted animals in shelters, a Langhorne woman got creative to help reduce it.

“Glad Dogs Nation” gathers kids play things, like stuffed animals, and transforms them into pet toys and then sells them on the internet.

“The toys start at 3 dollars and they go up to seven.”

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The Bucks County Courier Times, Burlington County Times and Times Intelligencer ran an article about Glad Dogs Nation's efforts.

It was December of last year, and Marianne Ahern, 57, who has been fostering rescued dogs since Hurricane Katrina, realized she was angry.

Not just angry, but starting to feel deeply discouraged, too.

The number of orphaned animals doesn’t ever seem to improve, she said.

“The flow (of unwanted animals) is as constant and as sad as it’s ever been,” Marianne said.

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Old Baby Toys Become New Dog Toys

Talk about a cute and innovative upcylcing concept! Whenever baby meets puppy, our hearts start melting ooey vegan ice cream,  but this project goes one step above by being kind to earth and animals.

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The "Cake Mom" blog recently reviewed Glad Dogs Nation toys and loved them! Here's just a bit of the review:

My dogs have been playing with these great upcycled toys non-stop since we received them to review. It is a great idea to reuse these toys and the company has a great cause as well. I would definitely recommend you trying them out!

Read the whole review here.

The blog "My So Called Balanced Life" recently reviewed Glad Dogs Nation toys and gave them 2 paws up! Here's a snippet:

I received a selection of toys from Glad Dogs Nation for my dogs, and they absolutely love them. Peaches (the poodle) loves plush toys; they are her favorite thing to play with. Chloe is a little harder on the toys as she likes to shred them up. I gave them both one of the former Beanie Baby toys, and they played for hours with them.

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The Mama Smith's blog covers topics of interest to moms, pet lovers, travelers, and others. Here is what Mama Smith had to say about Glad Dogs Nation!

I love charitable companies. When I read about a company and I see that, well, any portion of their profits goes to charity, that makes me feel good about buying from them. With Glad Dogs Nation, 100% of their profits are donated to animal caused – 100%! That is amazing! Glad Dogs Nation offers a unique and environmentally-friendly line of dog toys which I find really really cool!


Glad Dogs Nation's founder, Marianne Ahern, was interviewed by FosterDogsNYC.

When and why did you start fostering animals?

My husband and I rescued a dog and I really respected the process. I said at that time that I wanted to consider fostering. But like so many things in busy lives, it was put on the back burner. Then, Hurricane Katrina happened...

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Glad Dogs Nation was interviewed by Best Friends Animal Society at the Strut Your Mutt event in New York City on September 30th.

Upcycling to give back

Courtney Rhein strutted with her children, Syndey and Sophie, alongside their dogs, Biscuit and Walter. They were there because of Glad Dogs Nation (GDN), a company run by Marianne Ahern, which uses their profits to spay and neuter services.

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