Organizations supported in 2023: 160

This video represents one shipment of free toys and essentials to shelters and rescues across the country. This is just one kind of support we provide with the profits from sales at GladDogsNation.com.

These shipments mean so much to organizations and municipal shelters in underserved communities. They use what we send to engage, train, care for, and comfort the animals while they wait -- sometimes a very long time -- for their forever homes.

Below are just a few examples of the impact we have made in 2023.

Maui Humane Society Wildfire Support, Hawaii

After the devastaing wildfires in early August, we were able to support Maui Humane Society and the Maui community at large thanks to our customers purchasing from Maui Humane's Wish List. In addition to the purchased items, Glad Dogs Nation/Foundation sent additions toys and supplies. 

When we learned the harsh conditions were causing the search and rescue dogs to burn through their protective boots in just 2 days, we mobilized cash donations and our profits to purchase 20 sets of boots which we rushed to Maui. The Humane Society turned them right over to FEMA who, in turn, got them on the canine paws right away. 

The Animals at Hallie Hill, South Carolina

During the summer of 2023, we shipped free toys to Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary in Hollywood, SC. Hallie Hill provides sanctuary to approximately 200 dogs and cats. Many of these animals bravely survived abuse and/or neglect to arrive at Hallie Hill for the care and love they have always deserved.

Within days of arriving, each animal is seen by a veterinarian to receive any and all medical attention they need to be healthy – from heartworm treatment to complex surgeries. Once the new arrival is healthy, they are introduced to an enclosure with plenty of space, a house complete with an automatic watering bowl, bedding, and heat lamps in the winter.

EnVi Dog Rescue & Animal Sanctuary, Pennsylvania


EnVi specializes in seniors, special needs, neglect cases, and hospice for the dogs to live out their days with the love and care in a home environment, not in a kill shelter. EnVi = End Violence

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, National

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This national network of foster homes rescues purebred and mixed Cairn Terriers, Westhighland White Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, Norwich Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Border Terriers and Scottish Terriers, which are homeless or soon to be homeless.

Stray Animal Midway Shelter (SAMS), Illinois

Rescue never rests and neither do the volunteers at SAMS in Hanna City, IL. The group is dedicated tor educing the number of euthanized animals in Central Illinois, one adoption at a time. Their pups were very grateful for the toys and supplies received. 

SAVE Rescue Shelter, New Jersey

Established in 2002 as a non-profit rescue shelter, SAVE takes unwanted, homeless and abandoned animals and provides them with medical care and a safe and nurturing environment until they find forever homes. SAVE is a no kill shelter.

Shipping Costs Add Up Fast!

The cost of shipping toys, supplies, and food to organizations in need adds up fast. Here's an example of the costs to ship toys around the country.

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