Is your business looking for a volunteer activity your associates will enjoy? Glad Dogs Nation offers options to engage your employees while helping animals locally and across the country. 

Collect stuffed animals we can turn into safe pet toys.

Glad Dogs Nation always needs toys to upcycle into safe pet toys. Over 100 million stuffed animals are purchased annually in the US. When kids age out of their stuffies, parents look for places to donate them. Very few organizations will accept stuffed animals. 

That's why a stuffed toy donation in your store or office is bound to be a huge success. Your employees will love it and you'll generate traffic from young families dropping off their donations -- and staying to shop or dine.

Getting started is easy. Below are materials you can use to host and promote your drive. 

Download this flyer. Add the name of your business, drop off location, and dates of the collection drive. 

Download these social media images to share widely. Don't forget Facebook. It's popular with moms and dads and they often urge their kids to donate their toys. 

Download and print out this sign to post on boxes where people will be dropping off donations.

Use the button below to contact Glad Dogs Nation about scheduling a drop off or a meet up to deliver the toys.

Repurpose stuffed animals into safe pet toys.


If you are looking for a fun team building activity for your associates, consider hosting a pet toy stitch event.

You purchase the kit with the number of toys needed. All the toys are sanitized and anything hazardous to an animal has been removed. Each member of your team simply slips a squeaker or catnip into the place provided, and stitches the toy closed. It's easy -- and the animals don't mind if the stitches aren't perfect!

Big Stitch Party Kit -- Make 50 Toys for Shelters & Rescues

Stitch Kits for Shelters & Rescues:
Choose 6, 15, or 25 Toys
Starting at $15

Cat Stitch Kit: Make 6 Catnip Toys for Shelters & Rescues

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