Volunteer Starter Sewing Kit: CAT Toys

Glad Dogs Foundation



If you are a cat lover, this kit is for you! These toys are small so you might feel more comfortable sewing them if you have some experience with hand sewing.

We will send a box of 10 cat-sized toys that we have sanitized, and eyes and noses have been replaced, where needed. 

We'll include catnip tea bags for you to insert as well as needles and craft thread and a small completed toy to show you the stitch to use. The toy is yours to keep for your own pet.

We will also send you a link to a video where you can watch a toy being sewn. It's really easy and the stitches don't have to be perfect! The cats won't mind.

If you decide you enjoy sewing the cat toys, we can keep them coming! 

It's a fun and easy way to bring gladness to the lives to kitties across the nation!