Flat 'n Tuff No Stuffing, No Squeaker Dog Toys

Size: Small
Squeaker: Yes
Stitched Closed or Applique Eyes: Stitched Closed
Sale price$7.00


None of the stuffing, all of the fun!

If you really want NO STUFFING & NO SQUEAKER, these Flat 'n Tuff toys are the best choice for the furbaby in your life. We take the thickest, high-quality toys we receive, strip them of all the stuffing and sew them up tight. While nothing is indestructible, at least there will be less mess to clean up after your pup digs in!

These have NO SQUEAKER! If you would like Flat'n Tuff toys with a squeaker, click here

During upcycling, we cut out plastic eyes leaving eye holes to cover. We cover the holes in 2 ways: with adorable and colorful glued-on appliques over the eye holes or with stitched-closed eye holes so there is nothing for your dog to rip off. You can choose which you want.

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