Quiet Zone Stuffed Dog Toys Without Squeakers

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These are the classic stuffed dog toys your pups love to cuddle.

Tiny toys are packed with big fun for dogs of all sizes. Sure mini Dachshunds and Toy Poodles love them but so do Hounds, Collies and Heelers. Up to 6".

Small toys are often found hanging out of the mouths of Spaniels, Terriers and Beagle-sized pups. But we happen to know that hunky Labs and Newfies love 'em as well. 6" - 7".

Medium toys are the perfect size for Chihuahuas to Cattle Dogs. With more to grab hold of, don't be surprised to find them the center of a tug of war or two! 8" - 10".

Large toys get a thrill from cuddling with your Retriever, being tossed around by your Pittie, and playing momma to new puppies! 11" - 14".

Extra Large toys are the Mastiffs of our line! Big enough to be a pup pal to your miniature poodle and soft enough to be a pillow for your Great Dane. 15"+.

Note: All our toys vary in design based on the stuffed kid toys we receive to upcycle. Therefore, some photos are representational of the toy you will receive and not the exact toy. If you are looking for something specific, see these listings.

To learn more about how we handcraft our toys, see About Our Toys.

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