XXLarge Stuffed Dog Toys: 20"+ Squeaky and No Squeak

Character: 24" NO Squeak Hello Kitty Squishy Cuddler
Sale price$18.00


Our XXLarge stuffed & squeaky dog toys are XX Unique!

They are a big hit with BIG dogs who finally have a toy that can stand up to their big-dog play sessions. And if you have two big dogs — let the tug of war games begin!

Cuter yet, they provide love and comfort for your new puppy. Many puppies spend the first week lonely and crying at bedtime — but give them our XXLarge stuffed squeaky toy and the puppy snuggles into their new cushy friend, heaves a big sigh, and drifts off to sleep.

These XXL stuffed squeaky toys pack an XXL amount of love - PLUS with each purchase you are helping other dogs in need because we donate 100% of our profits to animal welfare programs.

Donate comfort & love to a shelter dog

Shelters can be very scary and lonely when a dog is surrendered, and one mission of Glad Dogs Nation is to help shelter dogs adjust and feel loved.

You can help comfort a shelter dog by purchasing and donating one of our XXLarge stuffed squeaky toys to a shelter animal. Simply click the “donate 1 to a shelter dog” button in the product selection area, and know that each night your donation is providing snuggling comfort and love to help a shelter dog adjust while he or she waits for a new forever family.

Eco-friendly, upcycled dog toys

To learn more about the eco-friendly, sustainable way we handcraft our toys, see About Our Toys.

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