Cat Toy Gift Basket: Choice of Catnip, Noisemaker or Both!

Includes: Catnip Critters Only
Sale price$26.00


These adorable cat toy gift baskets feature your choice of 5 assorted cat toys.

Our Catnip Critters basket includes 5 organic catnip toys. Our Kitty Combos basket contains 5 cat toys stuffed with organic catnip and a noisemaker (rattle or bell). Our Mixed basket contains 2 organic catnip toys, 2 noisemaker toys, and 1 toy with both catnip and noisemaker.

Our cat toys are some of the sweetest of all our pet toys. We use the itty bitty toys we receive as donations, sanitize them, and upcycle to remove anything dangerous. Each toys is hand stitched with love after catnip and/or a noisemaker is inserted. 

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