Glad Dogs Nation receives donations of stuffed toys through the efforts of caring individuals and businesses, community groups, schools, Girl/Boy Scouts, and others.

Before we get started, we sanitize every toy in HOT water using biodegradable laundry detergent, and then dry on high heat.


We replace plastic eyes with adorable fabric and felt appliques. And we replace the hard nose with a colorful pompom.

If we add stuffing, we use premium polyester fiberfill.

If we remove beads, we tumble the toys in the dryer again to shake loose any that might have been hiding.

We place a squeaker inside -- or not -- (it's catnip for cats) and sew up the opening with colorful thread to replicate the scar found on all animals who are spayed and neutered.

Glad Dogs Nations toys are sure to be loved. For some pets that means carrying and cuddling. For others, it means ripping out the innards.

We’re glad either way because we donate 100% of the profits to animal causes, especially to tackle pet overpopulation!