Jessica Hill White is a West Virginia native who has single-handedly created a successful rescue in a very rural, impoverished part of the state. Jessica has seen so much and done so much more to help.

Don't let Jessica's glamorous beauty fool you. Jessica is a wife, a mother, a nurse, and a hardcore animal advocate who gets into the muck, grime and tears of rescuing animals who are cast off, abandoned by the side of the road, and dumped in the woods. Her 501c3 non-profit is named A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue (ARTBAR).

Below you can read Jessica's daily reality -- in her own words. Fair warning. If you are not familiar with the lives of animals in some of our Southern states, what you read will shock you. It might even make you cry. It will most certainly touch your heart. It touched ours and spurred us to set up a program to help Jessica. Read on past her letter to see how you can help Glad Dogs Foundation make a difference.





Jessica's letter --
I live across a strip mining road, its gravel and dirt. There are no houses for a long way across it. There are coyotes, bears, and bobcats. The road is surrounded by the woods for miles. People drop dogs off here fairly regularly but recently it's been persistent. I have picked up hundreds of dogs here over the years. They don't get here by accident. They are dumped.

The life of most dogs around here is this:

They live on a chain their entire lives until they die. Snow, ice, extreme all finds them on the end of their chain.

They never see a vet.

If something were to happen to them that they need a vet, their owners usually shoot them.

What dogs aren't chained are allowed to run loose -- to be hit by cars. There are stray animals here galore.

Every day I see dead dogs and cats on the roads. No one comes looking. Sometimes I take pictures of them and post them in hopes a family will come forward.

I could go on and on.

I just want people to know what it is like here for animals. 
I turn away more dogs than I can possibly take in. With every one of those my heart breaks.


There are several ways you can help.

1. Make a purchase for your own dog here at Proceeds from all online purchases through Labor Day will be donated to ARTBAR. Shop now to support this worthy rescue.

2. Purchase any items on the ARTBAR Wish List or make a contribution toward larger items so we can join our resources to get her what she needs. 

3. Directly sponsor a dog in ARTBAR's care. When you donate $30 or more, Glad Dogs Nation will send you a toy for your own dog or cat. Donate $200 and get a commemorative brick in your name that will be used to pave the path to the rescue's new kennel.

4. Ready to adopt a dog? Check out the dogs ARTBAR has available. Transport is available to northeastern states