Gift Baskets for pets and the humans who love them!

Dear Ask Gladys readers,

Gladys is currently on the road as spokes-dog for Glad Dogs Nation. She will be back to dispensing her wisdom soon. In the meantime, please enjoy her interview with Frankie Shepherd of the Pet Shopping Network.

Warmest regards,
The Glad Dogs Nation Support Team

Frankie: Greetings, everyone and welcome to “Hidden Treasures” on the Pet Shopping Network. I’m your host, Frankie Shepherd, and I am thrilled to welcome a very special guest.

I want to introduce Gladys of Glad Dogs Nation. Gladys is the official Glad Dogs spokes-dog and advice columnist. If you haven’t read her column, you should really check it out.

Gladys: Thank you for that warm welcome, Frankie. I am here today with my spokes-dog hat on. I want to tell your viewers about some special items in the Glad Dogs Nation store.

Frankie: I see you brought some samples with you. Are these gift baskets?

Gladys: Yes. Aren’t these adorable? Glad Dogs is not just about making pets happy but keeping humans happy, too. Humans love to give gifts to mark special occasions like birthdays and gotcha days. These baskets are just perfect and there are so many options to choose from.

Look at this one. “Toon Town” baskets come in three different sizes and feature squeaky toys shaped like cartoon characters. Not only are these toys fun for the furry family members, they bring back fond memories for the humans. As you know, human children love to watch cartoons on TV.

Frankie: I remember. My human is 14 years old now, but when he was 5, it was hard work to get him to play with me when the ‘toons were on. Tell me about this next basket.

Gladys: The basket is called the “Bucket of Pooh”.

Frankie: Does that remind the humans of… No, never mind. I won’t go there.

Gladys: You’re terrible, Frankie.

Pooh is a famous character from a children’s book. Once again, we are shamelessly tapping into that human love of nostalgia. Dogs of all sizes like toys of all sizes and this basket does not disappoint. There are five squeaky toys, ranging in size from small to large.

Frankie: We are getting a great response on these baskets. Orders are flooding in. I see one more sample here. But, I don’t hear anything. Did we lose sound?

Gladys: Frankie, your ears are fine. This is a custom basket made from our “Quiet Zone” toys – no squeakers allowed. It is so easy for your human to order a basket with exactly the right treats and toys. They just need to send us an email message with their ideas and budget.

Frankie: Humans like to give gifts but sometimes they are just so clueless. I mean, really. Some human strangers visited my house last week and brought a Frisbee for me. Do I like a Frisbee dog? No way! Balls rule. Can Glad Dogs Nation help those clueless humans?

Gladys: Absolutely. Humans who want to help their friends to pick out just the right gifts can set up a gift registry. And, if their friends don’t want to buy something from the registry, they can also give a Glad Dogs Nation gift card.

Frankie: It sounds like Glad Dogs has it covered. We are so happy you joined us today. Our viewers really love your baskets. I hope you can come back again soon.

Gladys: Anytime, Frankie.   

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