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Your furry friend is always there for you when you need them. When you are sad and lonely, they are there to cheer you up. When you want to play, they won’t hesitate to join you. Even your kids love them as they keep them company and help them develop life skills.

Therefore, during this year’s holiday season, your pet deserves a present as much as any other member of your family. Finding the right gift for your dog or cat can prove tricky if you haven’t done it before. You are probably wondering what will make them happy and keep them busy for a while?

Of course, food is always an option, but you need something more valuable, unique, and attractive. If you’re facing such a predicament, here are some great gift options that you can consider for your loveable pet.

Chew toys

Chew toys are a great choice for a pet gift since they keep them occupied and entertained. There’re many varieties of these toys in the market, and with a bit of research, you will get the most suitable one for your pet.

When buying a chew toy, consider the following:

  • A chew toy should be easy to clean so your buddy doesn’t pick germs from it.
  • The toy should also be strong enough to withstand the pet’s sharp teeth.
  • The chew toy shouldn’t be too small so that your pet can choke on it or swallow it.

Artificial mice

Anything that resembles a mouse always attracts a cat’s curiosity. Thus, if you’re wondering what to get for your feline, a mouse toy will make her happy. 

Interestingly, most people have discovered simple ways to make a mouse toy at home. If you choose to make one at home, check tutorial videos online.

A squeaky toy

Squeaky toys are very popular with dogs. Such a toy will quickly raise the interest of your pet, making them ideal toys to play with.

Make sure to select one whose noise is not irritating to your pet. Similarly, the toy should be tough as your pet will want to rough it up to satisfy their curiosity.

Ring launcher toy

Playing fetch with your dog is fun until you get tired of throwing the ring.  To keep your dog engaged and save some energy on your part, buy them a ring launcher toy.

Your pet will definitely get excited about the new gadget, and you can play the launcher game for as long as your pup wants.

Cat hideaway toys and spots

It’s not unusual to find your cat stuck in tiny spaces. Hideaway games and cosy corners are loved by cats, making a toy or gift of this nature appropriate.

Shop for simple hideaway toys or snuggly cat caves that will keep your cat busy when they need some ‘me time’. You can also choose to design your hideaway toy by using old boxes and putting some few toys inside.

Brain ball

Brain balls are ideal for senior dogs who might not have much energy to play energetic games. Since you still need to keep your old buddy engaged, you can choose to give them a brain ball as a gift.

The brain ball usually has a hole where you can put the dog’s favorite treat and leave them to figure out how to get to it. This toy is also suitable for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety as it keeps their minds occupied.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games toys have become very popular due to their ability to improve a pet’s mental and physical health.

Each game is designed for a particular age group, meaning you can get one that fits your pet’s age. Since puzzle games can be played indoors, they can keep your pet engaged when you want to run errands.

A new leash

Your dog always gets excited every time you hold their leash since they know it’s time to go outside. Getting a new leash for your pup is bound to make them super excited as it means more walks and runs.

You can go further and source for a shock-absorbing leash that provides more comfort for your dog while keeping them close during the morning run.

Fancy pet clothes

Getting pet clothes, especially for Christmas, is an old tradition. Your pet will not only look cute in them, but they also help to keep them warm during the cold season. Pets who suffer from anxiety also find comfort from well-fitting clothes.

If you are confused on what to get, you can go for a sweater with animal prints or a warm, snug-fitting shirt.


Your pet will always enjoy treats, no matter how full they are. It’s, therefore, a good idea to spoil them with a few treats as a gift during the holidays.

If you intend to buy treats for your children, make sure to get pet-friendly treats for your fur baby as well so that they can enjoy together.

Buying your pet a gift this holiday will keep them happy and entertained. It’s also a way of showing them how much you love and care for them. Be adventurous when choosing a gift to ensure you have something unique that your furry friend will love. 

At Glad dogs nation we have a fantastic array of toys and holiday gifts you can choose from. We also have free shipping on orders over $100 or more. Happy shopping! 

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