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Finally, you've got time to cut your dog's nails, but oops! Something went wrong. Suddenly, you've over-trimmed them, and now your dog's nail is bleeding. Since nail trimming is a scary task, try not to be anxious. Keep in mind basic grooming safety guidelines and be careful to carry out a smooth procedure. 

However, many new dog owners cut their dog nails quickly and poorly the first few times, either because of nervousness or hurry. Since dogs can sense things quickly, they feel your fear, too. Try to stay calm when trimming their claws to avoid bleeding. Otherwise, your anxiousness might cause harm to your pup's toenails, which is the delicate tissue at the base of your dog's toe. 

Here is a detailed guide on why a dog nail to stop a dog’s nail from bleeding...and essential tips to follow for avoiding such circumstances.

Why do dog toenails bleed?

  • Just like human nails, your pet nails can also be ingrown. Dog's nails can bleed if they are too long, and they are more likely to break, split, or crack. 
  • Dog nail trimming depends on their exercise. Those who walk or run on hard surfaces may not need to have their nails trimmed as frequently as those who do a little exercise. Canines with long nails feel uncomfortable while walking or exercising, leading to bleeding. 
  • Your pet's long claws can quickly hook on items like carpet, cushioning, or your clothes while cuddling. Thus, these snags can tear the toenail, which can cause painful injury. 
  • Dog owners can be afraid to do nail trimming since they fear blood loss because of quick or improper cutting.
  • The nail is a soft tissue that can rupture quickly and cause the release of blood because it contains blood vessels. If your dog has white or clear nails, you can see blood veins. These dogs' toenails are easy to handle while clipping. But it's challenging to see when your dog's nails are in the black or dark-colored shade. 

How to Stop Your Dog's Nail From Bleeding?

Every dog parent is concerned about cutting their dog's nails too far and reaching the dog's nail quick. It is the section of the nail with nerve endings and blood flow, and the nail could bleed if it gets clipped. Sometimes, even the most groomed pet professional mistakenly cut the nails too short. Here are a couple of suggestions if the nail bleeds right after the cutting session.

  • Have control of your nerves
  • There is no need to panic or become agitated. Try to have a calm tone with your dog without realizing that something wrong is happening. Make your pup lie on the floor calmly to prevent blood from leaking everywhere. 

  • Apply slight pressure
  • The moment you see your dog's nail bleeding. Grab a nearby dry cloth. Place a slight pressure against the nail, hold it for 2 minutes. A blood clot will form after 2 to 3 minutes by applying direct pressure against the wound.

  • Use of styptic powder
  • A styptic powder is an anti-hemorrhagic powder capable of quickly reducing bleeding. It is readily available at any pharmacy or pet store. Things you need to do:

    1. Pour some powder on the dog's wound directly.
    2. If the bleeding doesn't stop after the first application, reapply the powder.
    3. Remove the pressure after the bleeding stops. Your dog will show little flinching as the powder induces a stinging sensation.
  • Go for natural remedies
  • If you don't have styptic powder handy, then natural remedies are a good option. Make a baking soda paste by adding water and applying it gently to the dog's wound using a cotton swab.

  • Ice could be a great help
  • The blood can be stopped by having an icing session as it contracts the blood vessels and slows down the bleeding.

    1. Place some ice cubes in a dry, thin cloth to protect the dog's skin from direct contact. Then apply it to the affected nail for 5 minutes.
    2. Repeat the process after every interval if bleeding persists.
  • Use of bandages
  • If after trying every possible measure the bleeding continues, take bandages and wrap the wound to facilitate clot formation, thus healing the dog's cracked nail. It prevents the pet from licking the injury and any further harm. It maintains a good blood flow, leading to the formation of blood clots sooner.

    Tips to avoid dog nail bleeding

    Trimming nails is the most challenging task because dogs don't naturally like the idea of having their paws handled. Set yourself up with the following tips to avoid dog nails from bleeding and have a successful dog nail trim:

  • Exercise your dog before starting nail trim
  • Before you grab nail clippers for your dog and start using them, it's better to practice some exercise, either grab a leash or spin your pet like playing with them. So they won't get scared and nail trim goes easily.

  • Be prepared before gathering your supplies
  • Get the right dog nail trimming tools to tackle the task smoothly. Familiarize your dogs with the trimming session so that they won't get stressed by the clipper or Dog nail grinder sound. If the dog and you are both calm, the session will go smoothly without any hurdles.

  • Trim from the specific position
  • Find the proper position where the nails are easily visible.

  • Keep up the positive morale
  • Engage your dog to distract and reward him or her with some treats. This way, you can handle your pet comfortably.

    Final thoughts

    Dog nail bleeding can be prevented by taking precautions. It's crucial to handle the situation like a pro if trimming goes unpleasant. Try to have a smart approach instead of panicking in such a situation. Attempt every possible means to stop the bleed. Remember it's better to have a quality pet insurance with an emergency care for your dog in order to be prepared for any accidents.

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