Popular Educational Institutions for Dog Handlers

Dog handling is a specialized field requiring unique skills, knowledge, and training. Whether for professional dog trainers or use in law enforcement K-9 units and search and rescue teams, an educational foundation is the key. This article will be specific about some of the favorite learning institutions for dog handlers, what they offer, and their credentials in this field that make them stand out from the rest.

National K-9 Learning Center

The National K-9 Learning Centre, located in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the most respected training centers. The school was set up in 1975 and offers various courses aimed at the many different aspects of training dogs, such as general obedience, changing behavioral patterns, and more specialized courses for police and military dogs. The center's teachers are experienced professionals bringing their wealth of knowledge to the classroom. Students at National K-9 enjoy hands-on training with different breeds of dogs and variety in temperament, which prepare them for the many things they will face in their course of work life.

Bergin University of Canine Studies

Bergin University of Canine Studies is the only accredited place in the world focusing on advanced education in canine studies. Special programs at the university feature associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees in canine studies. Class scheduling also allows for canine science classes to assist with dog training and human-canine relationships. This is unique because the program couples academic challenges with practical experience, in which the students understand the underlying depth of canine behavior: training techniques, and ethical considerations in working with dogs. For those who cannot juggle academic requirements and personal life, there are many reputable Write My Assignment online assistance services that help students meet their demands in writing and handling coursework appropriately.

The Tom Rose School

The Tom Rose School is located in High Ridge, Missouri, and is the first destination for those who want to become professional dog trainers. There are two primary programs offered by the school: the Professional Dog Trainer Program and the Master Dog Trainer Program. Both programs are intense and involve hands-on training in real-world training scenarios with lots of one-on-one instruction for the student. The curriculum includes obedience training, scent detection, protection training, and agility training. Graduates from the Tom Rose School are highly respected within the industry, and many of them move on to lucrative dog handling careers in law enforcement, search and rescue, and even working with competitive dogs.

Tarheel Canine Training, Inc.

At Tarheel Canine Training, located in Sanford, North Carolina, they focus on the most essential elements of dog training. The school boasts an experienced teaching staff, the majority of whom have past work experience in the K-9 units of the military and police. Tarheel Canine has an equally high profile on its program procedures stringency as its graduates must go through a very demanding show-and-prove requirement before they can complete the school ready to go out there to face the overwhelming tasks that service dogs are charged with amidst robust conditions. The company also offers consultative services to law enforcement agencies that seek to set up or improve their K-9 units.

School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training, LLC

The Highland Canine Training, LLC, in Harmony, North Carolina, has a world-class School for Dog Trainers with programs designed to meet the needs of the professional trainer just starting in the field. All of these offered courses will include a Master Dog Trainer course, a Service Dog Trainer course, and a Police K-9 Trainer course. The course involves a blend of classroom teaching and practical training, with a focus on canine behavior, training methods, and the basics of business for dog trainers. The supportive learning environment at Highland Canine Training helps students gain a successful career in dog training, proving it to be the preferable destination for an increasing number of candidates entering the profession of dog training.

Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers,

Located in Hutto, Texas, Starmark Academy is another highly regarded institution that offers courses in dog training. It runs a certification course over 12 weeks, taking its students through the full range of professional dog training while specializing in areas like obedience and behavior modification or service and therapy dogs. At Starmark Academy, superiorly equipped facilities and world-class instructors combine the optimal balance of theoretical principles and hands-on experience for all students. Upon graduation, Starmark Academy students have been shown to successfully manage many dog training challenges and be prepared to successfully start their own training business or become part of a set-up organization.

Penn Foster Career School

If you're interested in flexible online options, Penn Foster Career School has a comprehensive, in-depth Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor program to fit your work, study, and other life commitments. The course provides preparation for persons on such basic, essential topics as canine behavior, how to train them, and business skills for dog trainers. Penn Foster's program was designed to be completed on the side for a student working in the dog training field so those who wish to can come up to speed without harm. Penn Foster's career support service even brings job opportunities to your area. If you require assistance managing your courses, AffordablePapers.com and similar resources can provide adequate support to keep you up to speed with your coursework to reach your academic goals in this program while still allowing you to fulfill your passion for dog training.

Animal Behavior College

The most sought-after program ABC offers is the Dog Trainer program. It's a hands-on and online career-building program. ABC has a network of professional dog trainers in the USA and Canada. They guide students through the practical training program during any phase. The curriculum includes all topics from basic obedience and behavior modification to business know-how about dog training. The most unique feature of ABC's program is its flexibility for a student to complete their study with actual hands-on experience under supervision by practicing real-life trainers. Graduates of ABC's Dog Trainer Program can go on to pursue careers as professional dog trainers, or they can open their dog training businesses.

Chart Your Path Effectively in Dog Handling

The job of handling dogs has excellent potential for those who have acquired proper training and education. Whether you wish to join forces with the police, offer specialty training services, or start a dog training business, many schools are willing to provide you with the education you need. Schools can take the form of on-campus programs, flexible online programs, and actual hands-on experience required for this rewarding profession. By selecting the correct institution, you will lay a good foundation for a successful career in dog handling and training.

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