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Levon's Favorite Dog Toys, Chews & Treats

Meet Levon, our middle child. This photo was taken 8 years ago, the day he came to us on a rescue transport from Kentucky. He was to be our foster dog but he was such a perfect fit for our family and pack, we adopted him ourselves. 

When visitors come to our home and take a seat, Levon jumps up to either sit next to them or right on their laps. He wins every one over with his loving personality and adorable underbite. And when new fosters come into the house, he is the official welcome wagon!

Levon loves to fetch all kinds of balls and squeaky toys. He also enjoys chewing on bones, hooves, and antlers. He absolutely adores squeaky toys and definitely has his favorites. Below are the items Levon gives 4-Paws-Up approval!

Levon is an Australian Cattle Dog mix and weighs about 35 lbs. He is 8 years old. If your pup sounds a little like Levon, he or she might like these, too.