"Squeak or Not" Removable Squeaker Dog Toys: Sizes Tiny - XL

Size: Tiny
Sale price$5.00


To SQUEAK or NOT TO SQUEAK. That may be the question but the answer is up to you because our "Squeak or Not" dog toys make it simple to remove the squeaker when it's time for quiet! Ahhhh. Peace.

We start with adorable plush kid toys that have a pocket sealed with velcro. We slip in a blaster or large round squeaker. 

Time for squeaking? Put in the squeaker and let your dog go to town. Time for quiet? Take the squeaker out and your pup will enjoy a squeakerless dog toy without sound. (If you are looking for permanently no-squeak dog toys, you will find them here.)

Every "Squeak or Not" Removable Squeaker dog toy comes with a total of 2 squeakers: 1 inside and 1 replacement. To order more squeakers, click here.

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