4.5" XLarge Blaster Replacement Squeakers

Quantity: 3 Pack
Sale price$5.00


Did your dog kill the squeaker? With our replacement squeakers, you can put a new one inside! These blasters have strong squeak that will keep your pups really interested. Listen to the squeak here.

These will work as replacements for Glad Dogs Nation toys as well as other stuffed toys.

Here's a tip! Does your dog have "selective hearing" or poor recall? If your dog doesn't come when called 100% of the time, slip one of these squeakers in your pocket when you go on walks and try it if he or she won't come back to you. It works in our house!

Sold in 3-count, 10-count, 25-count, 100-count, and 140-count packages.
XLarge Blaster: 4.5" x 2"

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