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Barking Buddha Beef Cheek Chips Value Pack: Original or Peanut Butter

Natural Cravings



✔ 100% Natural: Made with only premium quality Beef Cheek slices, sourced from grass feed, free range cattle, free from any chemicals or additives.

✔ Natural Scent: Our extra thick Beef Cheek slices are a single ingredient dog treat. This means they may contain a natural scent which you might not like but your dog will love it.

✔ Dental Care: Our Beef Cheek slices are great dental chews that help scrape away tartar and plaque promoting healthy gums and healthy teeth.

✔ Long Lasting: Our healthy single ingredient chews are rich in collagen, they provide long lasting chewing fun while being easily digestible.

✔ Excellent Rawhide Alternative: Beef Cheeks are high in protein and more digestible than rawhide that can cause harmful stomach blockages