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Down on the Farm Dog & Puppy Gift Basket: 3 Sizes / Squeak or Silent Plush Toys

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The perfect choice for herders and other working dogs! Adorable toys that can be found on a farm are nestled together in a colorful basket with 2 all natural, extra thick and meaty beef cheeks. The toys we choose include horses, pigs, sheep, cows, rabbits, and ducks. 

Choose squeaky toys or Quiet Zone non-squeaky toys.

Small Basket: 1 Medium, 2 Small toys, 2 small (6") Beef Cheeks
Medium Basket: 2 Medium, 3 Small toys, small (6") Beef Cheeks
Large Basket: 1 Large, 2 Medium and 2 Small toys, 2 large (12") Beef Cheeks

Want to create a custom basket? Email with how much you want to spend and any special touches you have in mind. We will take care of everything.