Katie's Bumpers Double Tug Firehose Toy: 5 Colors

Color: Orange
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The DOUBLE TUG is a breakthrough innovation for trainers and pet parents to be able to train and interact with your dog. 

K9 Unit trainers have been using the Double Tug for target-training for years by holding the handles on the ends, keeping the hands away from the dog's bite as it launches to bite down on the bumper. The handles on the ends can also be used for hanging the bumper when practicing launching at a target, or for basic tugging fun with your pup. Great for training, tugging, and fetching on land, water, or snow! 

The WHITE color has a softer feel and was developed for those extensive professional K9 training sessions to prevent teeth abrasion.

Made-in-USA virgin professional-grade fire hose material and extremely strong stitching for ultimate durability when used properly. All dyes used on fire hose are non-toxic and safe for dogs. Assembled in Mexico with USA components.

Measures 11" x 3.5". 

Available in red, orange, blue, yellow, and white.

NOTE: This is NOT MEANT TO BE A CHEW TOY. We do not recommend leaving your dog unattended with this or any other Katie's Bumpers™ toy for an extended period of time.

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