Petstages Scratch, Snuggle & Rest Corrugated Cat Scratcher With Catnip

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In nature, cats scratch in order to keep their claws strong and in good health. Claws are vital for hunting, climbing as well as marking and defending a cat's territory. Domesticated cats need ways to address these natural behaviors yet keep them from damaging your home! Petstages scratching toys provide interesting designs and materials that attract and keep your cat focused on objects that are appropriate for scratching!

  • Sturdy frame supports kitty, corrugated “bowl” is a great space for resting or scratching
  • Interesting design, colorful graphics, and natural materials invite kitty to sleep or play and keep your cat focused
  • Surface works like a nail file to help safely and easily trim nails and enhance nail health
  • Includes catnip to attract and keep kitty's interest
  • Thoughtfully designed for cats of all ages
  • For cats up to 10 lbs.

Measures 13.35" x 13.35" x 4"

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