Petstages Tower of Tracks Interactive 3-Tier Cat Toy: 2 Balls per Tier

Sale price$14.00


The Petstages Tower of Tracks ball track toy for cats has 3 levels and 6 colorful balls for 3x the fun! With 6 spinning, multi-colored balls to bat and chase, it's no wonder cats love this tower of fun. Your cat will adore swatting the balls as they engage their natural instincts to hunt. For extra security, a small safety bar across the top central opening keeps overly curious kitties from getting stuck while playing with this track toy.
  • Has 3 levels of tracks and 2 colorful spinning balls per level
  • Interactive play engages natural hunting instincts
  • Unique safety bar design
  • Great for batting, chasing and swatting
  • Sturdy construction stands up to repeated play
  • Non-slip base
  • Great for one or more cats
  • Provides mental and physical exercise

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