Ugly Dolls Stuffed & Squeaky Dog Toys: All Sizes

Size: Large
Sale price$11.00


Let your pup embrace the unconventional with UglyDolls dog toys! Now dogs can explore the zany world of Uglyville from the comfort of their home alongside unique characters like Ox, Moxy, Wage, and Babo.

These quirky companions remind us that strangeness is special, and beauty is more than meets the eye—something both dogs (and humans rescuing dogs) should strive to remember.

We sanitized and squeakified these weird and whimsical children’s toys so they can now be pet-safe and eco-friendly dog toys. So enjoy some absurdity, embrace individuality, and get ready for a howling good time!

To learn more about how we make our upcycled dog toys, click here!

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