SnugPups Cooling Coat

Color: Blue Tie Dye
Size: Petite
Sale price$25.00


This PVA Chamois is a fantastic way to keep your pets cool on hot summer days. All you need is water!! Simply soak the Cooling Coat in water. This shammy towel can hold moisture for such a long time even during intense heat. WRING OUT EXCESS WATER.

When it gets dry, just soak it in cold water and it will be as cool as a cucumber again.

It relieves stress and heat for your pets.

Soft and lightweight. Machine or hand wash. Do not tumble dry. Store it in a plastic bag to keep it moist and supple. If it dries out, just put it back in water and it’s ready to go.

Available in 9 sizes in blue or yellow.

Sizing Guide

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