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SnugPups Double Lined Poly Fleece Coats with Ruffles




SnugPups fleece coats are made with super cozy, double-lined polyester fleece to keep your dogs warm and dry in any weather. These options all have an adorable ruffle at the hem.

The easy on/off design allows you to slip it over the head and quickly attach the army grade, 2-inch-wide nylon belting around the belly. A sturdy strip of Velcro ensures that the coat will stay on and stay in place while your dog runs, romps, or even curls up for a nap. And you can toss it in the washer and dryer on delicate with cold water over and over. 

Available in 9 sizes and adorable patterns. 

Every Petite and XS coat comes with a Leash Loop (metal D-ring) and every coat size up to Frenchie size comes with a harness hole unless otherwise specified in the order notes.

Available without the ruffle here. 

Size Guide