WaterWorld Basket with SQUEAKY Toys: 3 Sizes

Size: Small
Sale price$30.00


The perfect choice for your favorite water-loving dog! Bright and realistic toys right out of the ocean, rivers and lakes are nestled together in a colorful basket. The toys we choose from include fish, gators, frogs, penguins, dolphins, whales and more. 

Small Basket: 1 Medium, 2 Small toys
Medium Basket: 2 Medium, 3 Small toys
Large Basket: 1 Large, 2 Medium and 2 Small toys

Gift Basket Extras
Multipet Look Who's Talking Goldfish ($8.50)
Multipet Sea Shammies Squeaky Fish ($5)
100% Pure Icelandic+ Cod Skin Rolls ($11.99)
100% Pure Icelandic+ Hand Wrapped Cod Chew Sticks 3 Pack ($11.99)

Want to create a custom basket? Email ma@gladdogsnation.com with how much you want to spend and any special touches you have in mind. We will take care of everything.

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