XXLarge Squishy Cuddlers Super Soft Plush Dog Toys: Squeak & NO Squeak

Character: 24" NO Squeak Hello Kitty
Sale price$18.00


Is your pup a cuddler? Do they like to baby their toys, carry them around the house, and curl up with them for long naps? If you said yes to any of those questions, then your dog needs one of our Squishy Cuddlers!

These ultra-plush dog toys started their lives as the highly huggable (and certainly sought after) kid’s toys: Squishmallows and Squishables. We’ve rescued these abandoned buddies, sanitized them, and upcycled them into both squeaky and non-squeaky versions of dog-safe plush toys.

Absolutely adorable and soft to the touch, Squishy Cuddlers make perfect play pals and pawsh pillows for any family's non-destructive dog. So treat your pup to one of these cozy companions and be sure to check out our stock often. These cute and cuddly dog toys are super popular so we’re always fetching more!

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