10 Dog Activities to Keep Them Entertained on the Road Trip

If you want to embark on an adventure with your furry companion, now is the perfect time to hit the road. With COVID-19 restrictions easing up, there's no better way to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog by your side. Fortunately, going on a road trip allows you to bring your four-legged friend along. Your pup will love exploring new places and experiencing new smells and sights.

To make sure your road trip goes smoothly and that your pet stays safe, healthy, and content on the journey, we've got tips on top activities for dogs while traveling.

How to entertain dogs on a road trip?
#1 Teach new tricks

Do you have a backseat driver on your car trips? Keep them busy by letting them teach your furry companion some new tricks! You don't need a lot of space to teach your dog useful commands like paw, touch, or wait. Plus, teaching your dog to follow commands in a high-stimulation environment can improve their behavior overall. This activity is exclusively for passengers, so let your backseat driver take charge and make the car ride more enjoyable for everyone.

#2 Take something to chew on

Keeping dogs entertained can be a challenge, especially if they're not interested in toys. However, you can keep them occupied by providing chew bones. Dogs love the aroma of antlers, bully sticks, or any chew that can hold their attention. For longer trips, opt for larger bones to ensure they last longer and avoid splintering.

#3 Turn on the video

Driving down Highway 101 and feeling like the ocean views are becoming repetitive? Here's a creative idea to entertain your furry passenger without distracting you from the road. Invest in a headrest mount for your phone or tablet and play an episode of TV For Dogs, filled with all the birds and squirrels that your pup would love to watch. This is great for dogs who enjoy watching, but not for hunters who might get too interactive while you drive. Keep your pup entertained and safe during long car rides!

#4 Buy a new educational toy

Enrichment toys are essential for all dog owners, and there's a good reason why. This pinecone toy has ridges that you can fill with your pup's preferred treats and stuffing, or switch it up with something new. Your furry friend will love playing with it. If you want to extend the playtime, pop it in the freezer before taking it on the go.

#5 Roll your window down

Want to keep your pup entertained on a road trip? Let them feel the breeze in their fur as you drive through stunning landscapes and new smells. Unlike you, your dog can't wait to breathe in the scents of the world around them. But safety first -- make sure to strap them in with a seat belt and keep the windows at a safe level. Let them enjoy the sensory enrichment, but don't let them explore the smells too literally.

#6 Play the game "Howl"

Want to make your road trip a howling good time? Try singing or playing some tunes with your furry co-pilot. Not all dogs may take to it right away, but some just can't get enough. Let them lead the way when it comes to musical preferences, whether it's classical or country. And for those who aren't into singing, encourage them to nap along to the beat. Remember, safety first -- so let's make it fun and happy trails ahead!

#7 Rest area relief

If you're traveling with your furry friend, it's important to stop every two hours for a quick play session. Just like us, pets need potty breaks and exercise. Make a point to stop at a rest area to give everyone in the car a chance to stretch their legs, no matter the weather. Don't forget to check the forecast for your entire route, so you can pack accordingly. Take care of your own needs first, then tend to your pet's. And why not slip them a treat to show your appreciation while they wait in the car?

#8 Sweet dog dreams

When you hit the road with your furry friend, don't forget the importance of their naps. Talking, singing, or calling their name can help them feel secure. And what about their sleep companions? Choose a fuzzy item your pup can recognize. While you're driving, they'll be off chasing rabbits in dreamland. So make sure their sleep spot is set before you go!

#9 Talk to your pet

Did you know that talking to your pet can actually be beneficial for both you and your furry friend? It may seem odd, but speaking to your cat or dog can make them feel comforted and connected to you. Even mentioning their name can make their tail wag with excitement. So why not chat with your pet on the road? It's a great way to pass the time and bond with them. Just remember to keep repeating their name and if you feel a little silly, don't worry, your pet won't judge.

#10 Take breaks

Just like you, your furry travel companion needs breaks during extended car rides. During this time, you can keep your dog entertained and give her more time. According to expert Vachon, it's recommended to stop every 2 to 3 hours and use the time to play, engage, and give attention to your dog. However, make sure to follow the safety measures suggested by Dr. Chen, such as choosing outdoor areas and keeping your pet at least 6 feet away from other humans. Happy travels with your furry friend!


It's important to keep your pup entertained while you're on the road. With these 10 top activities for dogs, while traveling, you can ensure your furry friend enjoys their travels with you. From new tricks to chewing bones and educational toys, there are plenty of ways to make sure your pet stays safe, healthy, and content during long car trips.


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