Balancing Cat Care and Studying

Very few of us mortals can resist the charms of felines. It is in our nature, perhaps, to instantly fall in love with these graceful creatures, their adorable whiskers and paws. Besides, studies show that cats are able to reduce stress and your lovely pet’s purring can calm you down, lowering high blood pressure and preventing the development of various heart diseases.

However, adopting a cat comes with new responsibilities and limitations. Although cats are famous for their independent nature, they do need a lot of care and attention, which can be troublesome for those with a schedule so tight they sometimes ask themselves “Why can’t I just pay someone to do my homework?”

Sure, studying is important but all work and no play makes everyone go insane in the long run. You can’t be productive all the time, so when you feel tired, have a break and enjoy spending some free time with your pet. After all, the bond between a cat parent and their cat is worth cherishing. There’s hardly anything more rewarding than feeling loved by this tiny creature that doesn’t even speak your language and yet looks at you with eyes full of trust and adoration.

So what should you do to keep your pet happy if you are a busy student? Well, although balancing cat parenting and studying can be hard, it’s definitely doable.

If you want your cat to feel loved, here are some tips a good cat parent should follow:

Build a Schedule That Works for Everyone

Although cats are quite independent creatures, they still need good company. That’s why, when tailoring your daily schedule, you should take your cat into account. Try to prioritize your tasks keeping in mind the time caring for your cat takes so you don’t miss anything. Start with covering basic needs like cleaning the cat’s toilet and feeding them, however, don’t forget about cuddling and playing.

Ask For Help

Friends and classmates are not only for those times when you need help with your homework. Sometimes when studying you have to leave your pet for awhile and in cases like that you can definitely use a hand. Don’t be shy to ask your friends, peers, and neighbors to look after your little friend. There are a lot of people who’ll be glad to babysit your cat if needed, feed them, and play with them if you have to leave for a long time (unless they have an allergy, of course).

Have Brakes

When burning the midnight oil, having breaks is vital to keep focused and avoid getting exhausted. Too much reading and screen time is bad for your eyes, so you should develop a habit of getting up from your seat and moving a little every now and then. This is a perfect opportunity for you to play some active games with your cat like chasing each other or playing with a ball or a ribbon (whatever your pet loves the most).

Set Reminders

To avoid catching some nasty diseases, cats must be vaccinated regularly. While busy with studying, things like that can just slip your mind, so it’s better to use your calendar and set reminders for vet checkups and annual vaccinations.

Use Pet Care Services

When you can’t be there for your cat and no one is around to help, worry not! Just like with writing services when you are wondering “Is paperhelp legit?”, there are multiple services you can find and check online that can help you take care of your pet.

In case of an emergency, you can resort to professional pet sitters and even pet hotels that are equipped with everything your furry friend may need. Many of them even offer round-the-clock video surveillance for you to make sure your kitty is safe and sound.

Prices may vary, so even a student can find something affordable. However, before trusting your pet to someone, make sure you check reviews first (the same goes for writing services, that’s why there’s paperhelp review by linkedin available in case you have any doubts).

As you can see, first of all, you should learn as much as you can about your cat’s needs. They are habitual creatures, so having a predictable routine is very important for their mental well-being. Usually, cats adjust to the habits of their owners, building their routines around them.

They study you to learn when you leave, when you return home, when you go to sleep etc. Yes, eventually, they know everything about you and their day depends a lot on you. When you are out, they usually sleep, but when you return, they expect some attention from their favorite human, so don’t ignore them when they run to greet you. Give them a belly rub!

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