How to Move Efficiently with a Dog

Moving with a dog is not easy. While it can be done, it takes careful planning. Your dog will have to cope with many distractions and new environments to get from your old home to your new home.

Moving efficiently with a dog involves prioritizing comfort at every stage. This will make it easier to acclimate yourself and your pet to your new place. This will ensure minimal anxiety and stress.

Let's discover how to move efficiently with a dog.

Prepare moving supplies a week in advance

Let your dog grow desensitized to moving boxes and supplies at least a week before the move. This could help them, especially if they are easily anxious.

Consult your vet a week in advance

At least a week before, check in with your veterinarian regarding any vaccinations or parasite preventions your dog needs. You and your canine will need to learn your new area better. Your dog should have all shots up to date for unexpected encounters. 

Consider hiring a pet relocation service

A pet relocation service may help transport a pet overseas or long distances. However, in many cases, it may be easier and less expensive to transport your pup and hire a moving service to take care of the rest of your move.

A storage container can help you plan your move 

Portable storage container rentals make a move much easier and less stressful. Especially with a pet, you'll want to minimize stress as much as possible. A portable container allows you to take your time packing and unpacking; in between, someone else is responsible for moving everything.

Anxiety aids may help if they are anxious

CBD treats, lots of exercise, or prescription anxiety medication are all ways to minimize your dog's anxiety in stressful moments. Mitigating anxiety through these aids will keep your pup calm and worries at bay.

Prepare a comfortable collar or harness and leash

No matter how long the moving trip is, ensure you have a comfy collar or harness and a reliable leash to keep your canine close. They may need time to learn where they are allowed inside and outside of the house. You may need to help them adjust.

Give them a decent amount of space in your car

Ensure your dog is not at risk of falling boxes. Ideally, a small dog will be in a carrier during travel. If your dog must be loose, such as with a large breed, ensure your dog is secured with a safety seat belt.

You need to be extra patient

Come moving day, be extra patient and compassionate with your dog, who may be nervous, apprehensive, and unsure of what's happening. Let your dog adjust at his or her own pace, and if the dog appears nervous, comfort your pet as you normally do.

Take some dog food with you

Have dog food ready for delays. Consider some chew treats or bones to stimulate your dog's brain and keep your buddy occupied over an extended move.

Make sure you pack your pet's essentials 

A pet essentials bag should include everything you need access to within the first three days after the move. In case there are any issues with the move, you will have everything you need to feed your pets, pick up after their messes, and play with them.

Stay connected to your dog during the ride

Talk to your dogs. Keep them calm and confident. Connecting with your dogs will keep them and you sane from point A to point B.

Microchip your dog today

Add your new address to your dog's microchip and ensure the contact information is current.

Ensure that pets are acclimated to your car in advance 

Condition your dog ahead of time. A long-distance move could be stressful if they are usually nervous about car rides. Take them out a few times before. Have them associate fun with pet travel.

Take potty breaks throughout the drive

A dog may be cramped in a vehicle for an extended period. If you're travelling far, provide short breaks for the dog to walk around, stretch its legs, and pee.

Don't forget to keep your dog cool 

Are you moving during the summer? A dog can quickly overheat in a car. Make sure you’re maintaining an appropriate temperature at all times.

Make sure your dog stays hydrated 

Hydration is important on any dog's journey. Bring a bowl and water bottle to move efficiently with a dog. Please provide them with a little water every hour. This will also help them regulate their temperature.

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