How to Successfully Welcome a Pet Into Your Life While Managing Your Own Business

Opening your heart and home to a new pet can be one of life's most joyful and rewarding experiences, but it can be challenging if you are also trying to launch a business. Consider these resources and strategies to ensure success with your company and your new furry friend.

Work From Home

Running your business from home not only reduces overhead expenses but also provides you with more time and flexibility to care for your new companion. Consider creating a cozy sleeping spot near your desk to help your dog or cat feel safe and loved. This also allows you to keep a watchful eye and avert potential issues.

When you work from home, you can care for your pet and optimize your productivity by scheduling short breaks throughout the day to play with, walk, or feed your pet. Your new friend will love the attention, and short breaks from work can boost productivity, so this arrangement works well for your company too.

Hire Freelancers and Utilize Software to Delegate Work Tasks

Trying to handle every business task and pet chore by yourself can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Instead, recruit others to help you.

First, hire freelancers for work tasks that can benefit from outside expertise. For example, a graphic designer can create a website for your company that is engaging, visually appealing, and easy to navigate.

Next, find software or contractors to handle your time-consuming administrative chores. For instance, accounting software can automate bookkeeping, help your business stay compliant with taxes, and provide at-a-glance cash flow insights. With electronic invoicing, this software will make it easier to get paid as well.

Also, by using virtual assistants to deal with phone calls and administrative tasks, you can devote time and energy to more pressing jobs as well as your new pet.

Similarly, you can look for some free tools to make running and marketing your business easier. Need to create a memorable logo that represents your company? An online logo maker lets you design one using ready-made templates that can be modified with your own images and styles.

Use Pet Care Services

Dogs and cats need daily exercise and mental stimulation. Walking is a great way to help your dog expel excess energy and stay healthy, but playing ball or frisbee in your backyard can also work if you have limited time. Most cats, on the other hand, don't enjoy walking. Instead, keep plenty of small toys scattered around, create an agility course, try a laser, and provide a cat tower for climbing.

If there are times when your workload keeps you from walking or playing with your furry friend, consider delegating pet chores. With online companies such as Wag! and Rover, walking services and drop-in visits are just a click away.

There are also apps that can help you train your pet:

  • Puppy provides lessons, videos, and chat support.
  • Dogo works with a clicker and offers personalized training programs.
  • Pupford uses videos and text to help you train your puppy.
  • SDTSI provides animated videos and lectures curated by professional pet trainers.

Don’t Forget the Pet Toys

Although pet care services can make life easier for you and provide plenty of exercise for your pet, sometimes all they need are some toys to keep them occupied. With the right products, you can turn your pet loose in the home with their favorite chew toy while you’re busy getting some work done.

Glad Dogs Nation offers an array of different chew and plush toys, some of which have been upcycled using old children’s toys. You can opt for silent squeaker toys and options that provide your pets with a satisfying crackle. These toys (which are available for both dogs and cats) can provide hours of entertainment, keeping your pet more than amused as you continue with business. What’s more, 100 percent of profits from Glad Dogs Nation are donated to Glad Dog Foundation, which helps provide food, toys, and more to shelters and charities around the US.

Utilize Organization

To stay organized and ensure your new furry friend is well cared for, consider using a scheduling app. For example, DogLog allows you to coordinate pet chores with other family members, communicate with pet-care providers, track your companion's health, and receive reminders. In addition, you can conveniently attach a QR code to your pet's belongings, such as their collar or tag, which can be scanned to access important information about your furry companion in case they ever get lost.

Bringing a new pet into your home adds joy, love, and adventure to your life. And while it can be challenging to adopt a dog or cat while launching a new business, thankfully, the right tools, software, and strategies can help you effectively manage your company and simultaneously care for your pet.

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