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A dog can be your best friend and companion. You get unlimited love and all you have to do is take care of their food and diet and make sure they get to play to expend their bottled-up energy.

That is where having something to chew comes in handy. It is a matter of necessity for most dogs.

And chewing isn't all dogs need. They need toys as a positive way to release anxiety and fear and promote interactive play. 

Unlike other pets, dogs are not that picky about their toys. They will grab and chew on almost any object they will find lying around-- which is why it is important you monitor your dog keenly.

Glad Dogs Nation has great toys for your dog that are adorable, safe, fun, and reasonably priced.


Kong Airdog Football Squeaker

This football is a 2-in-1 toy for your dog. It is a squeaker toy that is shaped like a football and is perfect to play fetch with.

Just like all Kong products, the Airdog Football is extremely durable and resistant and will not wear and tear easily. It's a 2-paws up favorite of our own Levon, the master of fetch.

The Lil' Pup Bone by Orbee-Tuff

This flexible bone has been specially designed for smaller pups and they will absolutely love this toy.

It is chewy yet very durable and resistant, plus, is a great toy to play toss or fetch with. This Orbee-Tuff bone is available in baby pink and teal.


Dogs have a lot of energy which is why they need a variety of toys. Our toys are not only for the dogs to have a fun time but also for them to let out all that energy and reduce anxiety.

These toys are made from materials that are safe for your dog, reasonably priced and ready to ship. Plus 100% of all profits are donated to animal causes. Win-win!

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