Small Stuffed SQUEAKY Dog & Puppy Toys / 10-30 lbs.

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Is your dog the right size to love small squeaky dog toys? Measuring ~6"-7",  these dog toys may be smallish — but they're BIG fun for your pup!

We have 4 fun categories of stuffed squeaky dog toys to choose from because we know your dogs truly like certain squeaky toy animals better than others!

  • Wild (Lions/Tigers/Rhinos/Zebras & More)
  • Waters (Creatures from Oceans/Rivers/Lakes)
  • Farm (Horses/Fowl/Rabbits/Barn Cats & More)
  • Bears (Grizzly/Black/Koalas/Pandas & More)

Our small squeaky dog toys are a great size for the spaniels, terriers, beagles, and other dogs from 10-30 lbs. And we have to admit . . . we know some labs and Newfies that prefer our small squeaky dog toys, too!

Their small size makes our small squeaky dog toy the perfect “first toy” for your new puppy to enjoy hours of squeaky entertainment. (And hopefully will like chewing their squeaky dog toy more than your shoe!)

Special toy requests

Looking for something special? Our small squeaky dog toy collection is always changing based on the stuffed toys we receive from drives and donations. Email us and we'll do our best to find what you’re looking for.

No-stuffing or squeaker-free alternatives

Looking for no-stuffing or squeaker-free toys for your dogs? Check out our Flat 'n Tuff Stuffing-free dog toys

Eco-friendly, upcycled dog toys

To learn more about the eco-friendly, sustainable way we handcraft our toys, see About Our Toys.

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