Barking Buddha 6" Beef Cheek Slices: Small & Medium Dogs

Size: Single
Sale price$3.00


Beef Cheek Slices are "airier" and "puffier" than rawhide. These Beef Cheek Slices are all natural, gluten-free, extra thick, meaty and light in color.  The color is because they are human grade and oven baked in custom made ovens that allow a natural color.

Barking Buddha treats are made from grass fed, free range cows and are FDA approved and sourced from South America. The bulls are from an open range where they can have a happy, natural life which results in sustainability. No hormones or preservatives added. Barking Buddha does not smoke or add smoke to the chews.  

As with any chew, provide your dog with plenty of fresh water.

Also available in 12" length.


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